About META

META Project Space简介:
Meta Project Space成立于二零一四年。从二零一六年开始,Meta Gallery 将只进行非盈利展览项目,并持续推进自二零一五年开始的室内外特定场域的艺术实验项目。装置及影像艺术是我们主要关注的,同时我们也关注研究式艺术项目和组织相应的交流和小型会议。

About META Project Space
Founded in 2014, Meta Project Space will only host not-for-profit projects starting from 2016. Meta Gallery will continue its site-specific experimental series. Focusing its attention primarily on installation and moving image, the gallery also sponsors research-based projects and small symposiums on related topics.

Contact Us:
No.5&7, Lane 212, XuHui District, Shanghai, China
0086+21 52401225